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Reserve your date

We are only able to accommodate a certain number of bouquet preservations per week so it is important that you reserve your date to avoid disappointment. Please reserve your actual wedding date and not the date when you plan on dropping off your flowers.


Your date will only be confirmed and reserved on payment of

a R550 deposit.

About Our Leather


Once you have reserved your date we will send through instructions on how best to care for and package

your bouquet to send to us.


We ask that your flowers are sent to us as soon as possible after your special day so that they are fresh as possible when they are preserved.

As soon as your flowers are received, we will start deconstructing and preserving your bouquet in the best possible way for the specific flowers, as well as for the final keepsakes that you have chosen.

This process can take between 3-4 weeks

depending on the type of size of flower.

Design & Casting

Once all of your flowers have been preserved, we will start designing your final keepsakes.

3 options of the layout for each item will be sent to you for approval before we begin casting can begin.

The overall process from start to finish can take 8-12 weeks but we will keep you up to date with progress on your keepsakes.


We can work with pre-dried florals so if your wedding date has passed and your flowers are packed away somewhere safe, send us a mail and a picture of your flowers and we will help you create something

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