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Bridal Bouquet Preservation

Whether it is wanting to preserve your bridal bouquet or creating a special keepsake or thank you gift for a mom, mom-in-law or bridesmaid - we will work with you to ensure that you can enjoy and cherrish the memory of your special day for years to come through personalized resin keepsakes.

We can also work with dried flowers, so should your wedding date have already passed, we would be happy to review the condition of your flowers and see how best they can be used. Please contact us for more info on this.


Capturing Your Moments

Allow us to help you capture your moment.

Engagement, Birth, Memorial keepsakes.

Specializing in preserving items in resin, we are able to preserve and encapsulate almost anything.

Chat to us about special requests.

Design & Casting

Once all of your flowers are ready, we will start designing your final keepsakes.

3 options of the layout for each item will be sent to you for approval before we begin.

Then the casting and creation of your final keepsakes can begin.


The overall process from start to finish can take 8-12 weeks but we will keep you up to date with progress on your keepsakes.

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